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Our Services

Understanding today’s market is our full-time job! Appraisers are the best resource to help you understand your property’s market value so that you can buy or sell with confidence. We offer several different appraisal services, as well as one-on-one consulting. Some of the services we offer include:


Mortgage Appraisals

Our appraisers are on most Lender Approved lists both locally and Nationally and are qualified to complete appraisals for a variety of loan types including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, MSHDA, Relocation and REO appraisals.

Pre-Listing Appraisals

A pre-listing appraisal is designed specifically to aid Sellers/Realtors. Whether you’re selling your home privately (FSBO) or with the aid of a Realtor, this appraisal can help you establish a listing price.

Price-Improvement Appraisal

If you listed your home on the market and it seems to be sitting on the market longer than expected, it is possible the listing price is not market supported. In this circumstance an appraisal can help you understand the current market, and if any changes in pricing are necessary.

Cash Buyer Appraisal

If you are in a position to pay cash for your home and want to ensure you are not overpaying you may consider ordering an Appraisal. This will give you the peace of mind when getting ready to make one of your biggest investments.

Divorce Appraisals

Attorneys and Accountants rely on professional property appraisals when calculating values for real property, this is especially important within the dissolution of a marriage because the property settlement is based on the current Fair Market Value of the property.

Estate/Inheritance and Tax Appraisals

Other appraisal services offered include Estate Settlements, Inheritance and Tax Appraisals. 

Foreclosure & REO Appraisals

We can provide the detailed information lenders need to decide what to do with foreclosed or Real Estate Owned properties, including accurate assessments of the property both “as is” and “as if repaired.”

Home Measurement Services for Realtors/Owners

One of the main elements used when pricing a home is square footage. Our staff is trained using ANSI Z765 measurement standards, and can provide you with a sketch and dimension list of the property for NCMLS and marketing purposes.

Call us directly for our fee schedule which can vary depending on the Scope of Work, location and type of property.